Photo and video hide privacy police

By this contract you agree to the items declared by Photo and Video Hide app.

Photo and Video Hide application declares the names of users, their last name and their mobile phone number.

Position, photograph, etc. Access to places. It keeps this information. No negative result can be obtained.

Your age and e-mail addresses are required for better service.

Except for your personal information, the operations that you have done through the mobile application are analyzed and stored by the statistical data.

The information requested from you is never shared with a third party.

The information gathered from the membership forms shall not be shared with any persons, strictly and certainly not with a person, not using an inactive system, not using and selling a commercial area.

Photo and Video HideApplication  can also share advertising broadcasts with information from other users while also using the target audience.

You grant approval to download the Photo and Video Hide Application.

Photo and Video Hide Application  application download advertising, etc. You are allowed.

Mobile app ads will also show banner areas where publisher sites also include.

Photo and Video Hide application allows you to see past visits you have made.

Photo and Video Hide Application  Application  uses first party cookies and third party cookies together.

Customer information shall only be disclosed to the authorities.

Customer information shall be disclosed only if requested by the official bodies.

Customer Information shall be disclosed to these official authorities even if it is obligatory to make an announcement in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

The information will be kept confidential and will never be sold unless requested by the public authority.